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The Third Window Films Podcast

Oct 6, 2022

We are living in unprecedented times and today Adam and Ben are joined by the mighty Tom Mes for an unprecedented third appearance!
After initially joining us to discuss Shinya Tsukamoto and then returning to cover the work of Sogo Ishii, Tom is now back on the pod to talk all about Nobuhiko Obayashi, his 80s Kadokawa years, and specially his audio commentary on the upcoming release of His Motorbike, Her Island.
His Motorbike, Her Island stars Riki Takeuchi and
Kiwako Harada and is a tale of young lovers and their fun filled days of freedom on their motorbikes.
Switching between black and white and colour, Obayashi paints a picture of  an eternal summer from which they have no desire to escape.
You can pre-order His Motorbike, Her Island as part of the upcoming NOBUHIKO OBAYASHI’S 80S KADOKAWA YEARS boxset here -
Episode 13 could be unlucky for some, and it fact it was for us! A few technical issues and crossed wires hindered the flow a little but fear not, for the next podcast is our big 1st birthday episode and will be a podcast party like no other! We have an incredibly exiting guest lined up and it's going to be an absolute blast!